Don't break the window, don't break the lock, call Keys Plus Locksmith.

Commercial locksmithing has been a specialty of Keys Plus Locksmith Hollywood, FL for more than twenty years. We work with commercial contractors, emergency services, and large clients in the area to meet and exceed their commercial locksmithing needs. Keys Plus Locksmith services an array of security needs for residential and commercial properties, from travel trailers to hotel and motel complexes, as well as warehouse systems.

 When you are looking for commercial locksmith service, look towards Keys Plus Locksmith Hollywood, FL. We are South Florida’s professional locksmiths, specializing in high-security locks, repairs, installations, and security solutions. We can rekey your business, your building, and assist you with purchasing a safe (or other security features that will keep your important documents and belongings locked away). We specialize in commercial work and will guarantee that your commercial property will be secured. We professional technicians specializing in all types of lock hardware that can help with electronic locks, mechanical locks, combination locks and safe, card readers, digital keypad readers, magnetic locking mechanisms, or any other security features you may have questions for.


 Keys Plus Locksmith will perform a professional lock installation for your entire business or office quickly and efficiently. You are warmly invited to our store for the friendliest, fastest, most knowledgeable locksmith service in South Florida. The staff is willing and eager to answer your questions and satisfy all your security needs!