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Why do You Need Hollywood Locksmith Services for Your Home?

Your home is a sanctuary where you can get away from things and relax. Sometimes, you will need a locksmith to come out and deal with things such as changing the locks or lockouts. Things become more complicated when you are dealing with burglaries. Florida averages 78,873 as property crimes and burglaries are one of…
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The Best Ways to Make Keys in Hollywood, FL for You

We all have times when we want to make new keys. Demand is increasing for these services at a rate of 4% annually. The challenge is that sometimes the task can become complicated. Everything depends on the lock and if there is anything special that must be done to make the keys.  We use proven…
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Picking the Right Locksmith in Hollywood

Picking the right Hollywood locksmith is as important as selecting the right person to fix your plumbing or to do your taxes. You do not really understand the cost until you go with a company that does the wrong job. Keys Plus Locksmith Hollywood is NOT a call or dispatch center. We are a real…
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