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Commercial Locksmith Services


Your business is by far your greatest investment. Securing your business with correctly functioning lock and security hardware should be of upmost importance for any new or existing business. As a business owner you want to invest in high quality products such as high security locks and keys. True high security locks and keys are not available from your Home Depot or Hardware store; they are only available from authorized distributors such as Keys Plus Locksmith. Keys Plus Locksmith employees work hand in hand with business owners to ensure that they have complete control of the keys and locking devices on their business. As a business locksmith Hollywood Keys Plus works with many small business owners around our Hollywood and surrounding cities to secure their buildings and properties. In order to get a duplicate key for a high security lock made, the person authorized from your building must interact with the authorized distributor. The distributor has a security procedure to ensure that duplicated keys are being made for only authorized people. Keys Plus Locksmith will ensure that your lock is the most secure of any residential or commercial lock you are likely to purchase.


Doors can be equipped with a device that allows them to automatically close after having been opened. These automatic door closers can help with your building’s all-around security. Once door closers have been installed, you should frequently inspect them to make sure they are operating properly. They should close and latch securely without having to be maneuvered into place. The door closer devices can be tricky and need to be correctly adjusted by a professional. If you’re not certain how adjust these devices, it is best to hire a professional such as Keys Plus Locksmith to adjust them.

At Keys Plus Locksmith, we care about the security of your business! Visit our Hollywood Locksmith Store location for business security solutions and a free locksmith estimate today.

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