As a home owner you have home repairs issues frequently. One of these repairs are door lock problems.

The certified locksmith technicians at Keys Plus Locksmith, a Locksmith Fort Lauderdale, FL. Understand the annoyance people face when their locks are not working right. There are many reasons why door locks go bad and the locksmith Fort Lauderdale can help in figuring out what the problems may be. Below are the common problems that homeowners deal with when it comes to broken locks.


Usually the cause of sticky locks is due to dirt being trapped in the lock. With a spritz of lubricant such as WD40, usually this fixes most lock problems. However, over application of graphite or other products may create more of a problem. When this problem seems more than the homeowner can handle the locksmith technicians at Keys Plus Locksmith Locksmith Fort Lauderdale can come out and make sure that your locks are working correctly


Sometime weather-stripping can shift or corrode causing your door to not be able to close or open correctly. Keys Plus Locksmith Locksmith Fort Lauderdale specializes in adjustment and re-installation of weather stripping. We make sure that both your door and lock latch fit tight and secure.


Door knobs, deadbolts, mortise cylinders, and custom handlesets all sustain lots of wear and tear on a daily basis from opening and closing. Especially business locks Fort Lauderdale. When it comes to fixing and adjusting lock hardware Keys Locksmith a Locksmith Fort Lauderdale, is your #1 choice company for these types of repairs.


Nothing is worse than coming home after a long day of work, putting your key into the door, and finding out the key doesn’t turn. Locks are composed of numerous parts that work together in harmony that keeps the lock functioning. When one of these mechanisms break down, you may be faced with a lockout Fort Lauderdale. Locksmith Fort Lauderdale can be out to help you in a Fort Lauderdale locksmith situation.


Improper lubrication or the use of a worn-out key can cause a key to break off In a lock. Keys Plus Locksmith a Locksmith Fort Lauderdale can assist in all key extraction situations.

Now that we know the causes of lock problems, homeowners can be aware of proper lock servicing. If homeowners wish to have a professional deal with all of their difficulties Locksmith a Fort Lauderdale, Keys Plus Locksmith can assist in an at home security check to make sure that all of your lock hardware is functioning correctly.