Electronic Commercial Door Locks Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Sometimes managing the keys within a large corporation can become a hectic job. Luckily the solution to this problem is quite easy- Electronic Locks. Upgrading tradition key in lock type systems to electronic lock and digital locks is a worthwhile investment.

Electric strike electronic commercial door locks Fort Lauderdale, Fl

Electric strike locks are installed by the replacement of the traditional strike plate of regular locking mechanisms with an energized (electric) strike plate. This energized strike plate is a component within a circuit and when it becomes engaged (such as entering the right keycode onto a keypad) it will enable the door to open. This type of system is perfect for restricting areas.

Keyless entry electronic commercial door locks Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Keyless entry door locks are electronic commercial door locks that will make it easy to allow multiple authorized users to gain access to the inside of a commercial building, without each of them necessarily possessing a physical key. When there are less keys to keep track of, it reduces the chances of an unauthorized entry to the commercial property. Less keys means less chance of losing one of them and then needing to have a lock rekey done or lock replacement by a locksmith Reno company to maintain security.

Electronic commercial door locks

There are some types of electronic commercial door locks in the form of keyless entry that are keyless, which means that the lock cannot be picked, bumped or bypassed. Many keyless entry locks provide the ability of having a physical key as backup in case of battery or lock malfunction.

Electronic commercial door locks come in many forms such as electric strikes and keyless entry locks as an excellent choice to improve the security of any commercial building, especially if the accountability of physical keys is a problem. A commercial locksmith in Fort Lauderdale is able to provide your business with the right electronic commercial door locks in addition to also accurately installing the locks on location.