We all have times when we need a locksmith to help us get back into our homes, businesses, or cars. 

AAA receives an average of 4 million calls every year from people who lock themselves out of their cars. 

You can reduce the need for a locksmith by understanding the most frequent times you will lock yourself out. We look at these situations and how a 24-hour locksmith in Hollywood, FL, is beneficial to you. 

After a Break-in

A break-in is a time when you feel violated, as criminals went around your security procedures and entered your property. Many times the thieves gain entry by breaking or picking the lock and damaging it. 

After a break-in, you will need to call a 24-hour locksmith in Hollywood, FL, to ensure your home, office, and car are secure. We will come out right away and rekey or replace the lock completely to give you peace of mind. 

Keys Plus Locksmith is available 24 hours, and we will come to your location immediately. We can make keys or change the locks for your home, business, or car. We give you quality and low prices to reduce your stress levels. 

The Locks or Keys are Damaged

Locks and keys can become damaged from worn-out parts or gears requiring lubrication. The challenge is that you don’t know what is wrong with your lock or key until later. When these situations arise, you will find yourself locked out of your property and unable to get inside. 

We will come out and can change the lock entirely or rekey everything to work like new. Locks are sensitive and going through your everyday routines, you might ignore how you insert and turn the key. 

We can help with these scenarios anytime with our fast, professional, and convenient locksmith services. The best approach is to replace the lock versus rekeying, as the parts can be worn out. 

Keys Plus Locksmith can help with these situations using our knowledge, experience, and professionalism. We are the best locksmith in South Florida and are ready to serve you from the moment you call us. 

You Forgot the Combination 

Sometimes, you will forget the combination to get into your home, business, or car. You might use the combination all the time, but circumstances arise where you don’t remember. 

For example, you and your family return home after a month-long Caribbean vacation, and you forget the combination. You are not absent-minded, but the long period away from home means you are constantly using the combination.   

These are situations where professional locksmith services in Hollywood, FL, can be of assistance. We will come right out and help you to gain access to your home during these situations. 

Another time you cannot use the combination to open the lock is when there is a power outage. In these cases, electronic locks have an emergency keyhole a locksmith can access to gain entry. 

Keys Plus Locksmith is always on call, and we will give you a free estimate of the costs before starting the job. We have a mobile work van, and no job is too big or small for us. 

You Lost Your Keys

We all lose our keys at some point, and the stress levels are high from not having access. These worries are compounded by not knowing if your keys have fallen into the wrong hands. In these cases, you want to call us immediately and gain access to the property. 

We go beyond this by changing the lock and ensuring you have a new set of keys using our mobile work van. These cases require a 24-hour locksmith that will come out and take care of the situation. We will relieve your stress so that you can move on with your life after the incident. 

Keys Plus Locksmith is the one place where you will receive fast and professional service right to your location. We know what you are going through and are here to help you with these situations. Our technicians are trained to handle anything and certified through the Associated Locksmiths of America. 

We Are Available 24 Hours

When you are locked out and require quick access, a 24-hour locksmith is beneficial. Call Keys Plus Locksmith today at 954-932-9360 and let us help relieve your stress levels and move on with your life. 

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