With many professional services you place a lot of trust into the hands of someone you may not know so well. When you go to the doctor, you trust that they "will do no harm." When you go to the dry cleaners you hope they don't shrink your clothes. Some people have fears about locksmiths just the same. These fears about hiring a professional locksmith in Davie FL is what causes homeowners to resort to changing out their locks themselves. We have had many customers call us up after an hours long battle with new lock installation Davie FL, desperate to just have the lock properly put on their door. As a homeowner, if you are skeptical about having a professional locksmith Davie FL come to your property, please be advised of our locksmith policies:

Do locksmiths keep a copy of my key?
Absolutely not! Some customers think we make a second set of keys, that we keep on file.  First of all, we would run out of space. Second of all we have so many customers we would lose track. Finally, there is no reason for us to keep a spare copy of your key. If you lose your key, we can come out and make you a spare key anywhere in Davie FL and surrounding areas.

Liability Concerns
Keeping keys would present a large liability to us. If we lost keys, we would be responsible. There is no reason for us to take such a risk.

Duplicating Keys Davie FL is a Very Fast Process
Making duplicate keys is such an easy and quick process that customers can watch us make duplicate keys Davie FL while they wait. You give us the key, and we copy the cuts on a new blank key. You can see for yourself that we are not making a key copy for ourselves.

Keeping Repeat Customers
Most professional locksmiths in Davie FL like ourselves are small business owners. We pride ourselves on gaining and keeping repeat customers. If we lose a customer's trust, we would not have a business. As professional locksmiths in Davie FL we want our customers to feel protected and safe in their homes.

Learn More About Keys Plus Locksmith Davie FL
Whether you are a business or residential customer, we are here to help you at Keys Plus Locksmith Davie FL. We provide rekey services, emergency locksmith lockouts, door and lock installation, and manage access control for our commercial clients. Our professional locksmith technicians are thoroughly trained, licensed, and bonded.  Contact us today at 954-901-9835 to learn more about our professional locksmith services.