Is It Time To Ditch Your Keys?

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Is It Time To Ditch Your Keys?


Technology is in the forefront of most peoples lives today. It is a rarity now-a-days to see a person without the latest iPhone, Tablet or Bluetooth enabled device. So one would think it would be only natural for this high tech technology to slowly take over the lock hardware and security industry. Schalge, Kwikset, Medeco, and many other start up companies have all broke into this “techy” lock business. But the real question that we need to ask is “Do these high tech locks provide my family and I with any added security.” As a professional I would say NO. Yes these digital and WIFI enabled devices are “cool” and “high end” but most of these locks compromise technology for lock quality.

The Latest Types of Locks

Biometric: Locks that recognize your fingerprints and open with a swipe of your finger.

Key fob (proximity lock): Carry a fob in your pocket, and these locks open automatically or with a simple tap; or press the fob button and unlock the door as soon as you pull into the driveway.

Smart phone-controlled:
Your smart phone syncs with your lock via Bluetooth, enabling you to control entrance remotely and keep track of who comes and goes. Some locks recognize your phone and open automatically as you approach. Some will text you when someone else opens the door.

Surveillance lock: Combines easy access with surveillance and takes a picture of whoever opens your door. You can program codes for specific people, and the lock will offer a warm LED greeting when they arrive.

Here at Keys Plus Locksmith Hollywood FL we believe lock quality and security should take precedent over convenience. Smart locks are convenient, but not any stronger or more durable than regular locks. In fact, some smart locks are easier to break into and more difficult to use than regular locks. Believe me I don’t think anyone wants to be stranded outside their house at 3am and be forced to call a 24 Hour Locksmith or Emergency Service Locksmith because they can’t open up their front door with their phone because they have no WIFI signal.

With this I say “Keep it Simple Stupid” instead of investing in a $300 WIFI enabled deadbolt you saw at Best Buy, by yourself a $190.00 Medeco Maxum. Medeco has been recognized by Consumer Reports as the best deadbolt on the market. A smart investment today can protect your future.

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