Keys Plus Locksmith Davie Fl Supports Small Business

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Keys Plus Locksmith Davie Fl Supports Small Business

The Coronavirus has had an impact on our entire world.  It has changed society in many different ways, that’s why it is vital to choose wisely while selecting a locksmith company in Davie FL. Keys Plus Locksmith Davie Fl, is here and servicing our customers before, during and after the Coronavirus. As an essential business, Keys Plus Locksmith Davie FL is always available.

While most of the world is at a standstill, people are still in need of locksmith services in Davie. Even though you may be driving less, your routine may have changed, causing you to accidentally lock your keys in your car. Some examples that are all too common these days, setting down your keys in the car to put your mask on, and then locking the keys inside the car. Or maybe you haven’t left the house in so long you get so excited and lock the keys inside the house. Keys Plus Locksmith Davie is here to assist in these types of situations.

Top Priority for Emergency Cases
During these unprecedented times, emergency locksmith service calls take priority and are essential. We also offer key cutting, rekeying, car key replacement and other locksmith services with additional precautions being taken. We require a 6 ft distance, wearing gloves, washing and sterilizing surfaces, wearing masks and contactless payment methods.

Support Small Business
The Coronavirus has negatively affected many small family businesses. If you are interested in supporting small business in your community, call Keys Plus Locksmith Davie. Call anytime you are in need of emergency locksmith service. We provide home locksmith, auto locksmith and business locksmith services in Davie FL.

Give us a call today Keys Pus Locksmith Davie 954-901-9835 for a free quote of onsite estimate. We have expedited response time for emergency situations. We look forward to hearing from you!

Support Small Business by using you American Express Card. Check out their website for more information

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