When people are in need of a locksmith their first instinct is to quickly do a Google search on the closest locksmith near me. When in Hollywood, FL the closest near them will be us Keys Plus Locksmith. But did you know that not only do we provide locksmith service to Hollywood Fl we provide locksmith service to all of Broward County. Keys Plus Locksmith is your #1 Choice for locksmith service Broward County. Our technicians are located at centralized points throughout the county, so that you can be rest assured that if you need a locksmith in Broward county we will be there (that's faster then most pizza delivery!)

We are able to assist our customers with something as little as getting locked out of their home to replacing all the locks on a big commercial building. Whatever your locksmith need is we are able to quickly and easily handle it.

It is a great recommendation to suggest that you find yourself a reputable Broward county locksmith before you are in actual need of one. Nothing is worse then getting caught off guard with an astronomical bill for a simple lockout or rekey. If you do your due process and do a little research you can find a great affordable and knowledgeable locksmith (like Keys Plus Locksmith) that is close to you. It is not uncommon for some locksmith businesses to advertise in your area and when you call your service is directed to a different city or state, but with Keys Plus Locksmith our retail store is located in Hollywood Fl and you know your are getting a true local locksmith business.