Locksmith Or Dealership: Who Is The Better Option To Replace My Car Keys In Weston?

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Locksmith Or Dealership: Who Is The Better Option To Replace My Car Keys In Weston?

Nothing is worse than getting to your car after a long day of work or activity and realizing that your keys are lost or keys not working.  Having a spare key on hand can save you lots of time and headache, as well as having the phone number to your local trusted locksmith Keys Plus Locksmith a Locksmith Weston.

You may have to replace your keys if you baby flushs them down the toilet, dropping them in the ocean or the or the dreaded garbage disposal

It’s amazing how often you will be faced with a situation that you need a spare key. You might think you need to go back to the dealership that you bought your car from. But that might not be the best option. In many cases, a Keys Plus Auto Locksmith a Locksmith Weston, is a much better choice.

Locksmith or dealership?

Here’s how a mobile car locksmith and a car dealership size up:


You’ll pay much less to replace car keys when you go to an auto locksmith than if you go to the dealership. Dealerships are known for high industry prices. Some dealerships charge up to $500 an hour to replace a car key. Keys Plus Auto Locksmith Weston is ALWAYS the better choice for car key replacement.


Keys Plus mobile car locksmith in Weston coming to you, and cutting keys on the spot; is far more convenient than having to deal with a dealership and wait around for service. Between appointment setup problems and having to go back and forth to the dealership Keys Plus Auto Locksmith a Locksmith Weston is always a better option

When you work with a mobile car locksmith, all you have to do is make a phone call and the mobile locksmith service will be at your door. You can get mobile key making wherever you are and at any time of the day or night – assuming you call keys plus auto locksmith.


Most peoples main worries is that the mobile auto locksmith wont have the equipment necessary to program a key to their vehicle.  The truth is that trusted and experienced locksmiths have the equipment to replace the keys for just about every make and model of vehicle. They also have the equipment to repair or replace door locks and ignition switches..

Keys Plus Locksmith a Locksmith Weston Mobile Car Ignition Repair & Replacement Locksmiths


These days, car keys are not simple pieces of metal. They are encrypted to preserve the security of the vehicle. Some keys have chips in them that are programmed to match the car, and some keys are really just fobs with computers inside to start the car or unlock its doors. You may think that if you have a car with one of these specialty keys that you need to visit the dealership to handle the advanced technology. But Keys Plus top mobile locksmiths also have the technology to program any car key. They can replicate keys with chips and program transponders and fobs. Anything that you can get from a dealership you can typically get from a mobile auto locksmith.

Ultimately, the best choice for replacing your car keys will depend on the things that are most important to you. You may prefer to visit the dealership, or you may find that you appreciate the cost savings and convenience that a Keys Plus Locksmith mobile locksmith can offer you.

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