What do I do if I lost my car keys?

Most people think that the dealership is the only place to obtain a copy of lost or broke car key. This is untrue.  A certified mobile locksmith Hallandale beach company is able to come to you, regardless of your location and make you a new original key on the spot. This mobile locksmith Hallandale beach service not only saves you the time and aggravation of having to tow your car to the dealership but also a substantial amount of money.

I am moving into a new home, how do I change all the locks?

Mobile Locksmith Service Hallandale is able to come to your new location and do a full walk around evaluation of all your entry site. Once we can see what times of locks you currently have installed, we are able to give you the best and most affordable option to fit your needs. Mobile locksmith Hallandale beach are able to change out existing lock hardware as well as rekey your old existing locks so that way the old key no longer works. This kind of mobile locksmith service Hallandale is not available to just store locations. When our mobile locksmith comes to you they can get a full understanding about what type of locks you have an can give you professional locksmith service on site.

My key does not turn in the lock, what do I do?

Lock corrosion is a frequent issue for mobile locksmith Hallandale. Regular use as well as Non-use can contribute to locks sticking up and not turning easily. Most of the time we can recommend a quick spray of WD40, however sometimes this issue requires the skills of a professional mobile locksmith. We can come out and get your locks turning in no time.

How much is it to make a key for a car?

Pricing for car keys vary but make, model and application of car. Mobile Locksmiths Hallandale can come to you, scan the vehicles computer and price you the amount for the correct key for your particular type of car. Our mobile locksmith trucks are fully equipped with the keys, remotes and fobs to fit your car

How much is it to change my house locks?

House lock replacement serve varies depending on the type of lock you need replaced. Out mobile locksmith Hallandale offers lock change service to all kinds of locks including, Schlage, Kwitset, Medeco, Multilock, Arrow and many more. Price depends on brand and application we are installing to.

How much is it change a mailbox lock?

Mailbox lock change price varies. Boxes that are locked will require our mobile locksmith Hallandale to first have to gain entry and open the mailbox before we are able to change out the lock. Once the mailbox lock is open, we can then replace with the required type of lock.