The Most Important Things You Should Know Before You Change Locks In Hollywood, Fl

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The Most Important Things You Should Know Before You Change Locks In Hollywood, Fl

Whenever someone moves out or you lost your keys the first thing you think of is changing your locks. This is not a bad way to go and something that will solve your problem. However, not all solutions are effective and you want to think about the long-term consequences of these actions. Here are the most important things you want to consider before you change locks in Hollywood, FL.

Replacing or Rekeying

Anytime you are changing the locks, you will need to rekey, replace, or both. These methods make sure that your old keys are no longer working on the lock. 

  • Rekeying the lock: This is one of the most popular methods for changing the lock. We realign the springs and pins to match the lock to your new key. You can try to do it yourself by purchasing a kit. We don’t recommend this as you don’t have the knowledge or technical expertise to do it right the first time. The best approach is to call us and have our team of trained professionals come out.   
  • Replacing the lock: Replacing the lock is when we remove the old lock and put a new one in its place. This includes the handle, knob, and giving you the key for the lock. Your old key will no longer work and you have a lock that will last you for many years. We recommend having us come out and replace the lock for you. We can get the job done fast and professionally. No one is more skilled or knowledgeable at replacing locks than us. 

Keys Plus Locksmith is the best place to change locks in Hollywood, FL. Our team is experienced, and professional, and will come out to your location right away. 


Anytime you move you want to rekey or change the locks. There are a variety of people that have access to the property including realtors, contractors, and inspectors. You don’t want anyone to have a key and we recommend making either one of these changes when you arrive at your new home. 

Keys Plus Locksmith offers free estimates and we do customized services. Our team knows what to do to get results for you. 

Call the Number One Local Locksmith Service in Hollywood, FL!

These are some of the situations when you want to think about changing or rekeying your locks. Call Keys Plus Locksmith today at 954-932-9104 and see why we are the best. No one will give you quick service or personal attention like our trained and experienced staff. We are the best and located on Stirling Road, near the Oakwood Plaza in Hollywood. 

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