Car keys seem like the most problem-free things in the world. But when issues strike, they make your day filled with hassles and unwanted disruptions. Imagine waking up on a bright morning. You have a healthy breakfast, get dressed in time, and leave your home for work. But then the moment you inserted the car key, it wouldn’t work! Or, you may not find the car keys in the first place! Why, and what caused these car key issues?

Also, did you know that every car key has different solutions? So, to find out what the issue with your car key is, you need to check what kind of car key you have and then study for its possible issues. Sure, sometimes DIYs get the job done. But other times, DIYs-gone-wrong can create an even bigger problem. 

Five Common Car Key Issues You Must Know

Knowledge helps you prepare for every situation better. So, here are the five usual car key problems that you must know. In case your car key gives you trouble, you can at least narrow down your list of potential whys. 

  • Dead Key Fob Battery 

A dead key fob battery means that the remote functions of your key stop working. That indicates an immediate need to change the fob battery of your keys. Or, you need to bring your key close to the car to operate them. 

Dead batteries mean your fob stops working. You can also avoid this problem by planning timely battery replacement maintenances. A regular visit to reputable locksmiths can help you address all these hurdles in time.  

  • Lost Communication with ECU 

Losing communication with your car’s ECU is also one of the most common car key issues you may face.  As you put your car key in the ignition hole, it sends a code to the Engine Control Unit (ECU). Sometimes, the system may face issues and hence, not recognize the code. As a result, even though your key has no problems, you’re still unable to start your car. 

You can solve such car key problems by hiring professional automobile locksmiths. They reprogram the key and the system to recognize the code and start the car without delays. 

  • Keys Locked Inside The Car 

A significant car key problem occurs when you forget your keys in the car. You may be in a hurry or have too many things in your hand that you forget the keys in the trunk. The vehicle locks, and there goes your key.

If something similar happens to you, don’t feel mortified. You’re not the only one. This problem is one of the most common car key issues of all time. One way to avoid these setbacks is by owning an extra key. Spare car keys are crucial lifesavers. 

Though, don’t keep the spares in your car. It’s best to keep them at home or in a bag that you use every day. You can keep the keys anywhere except near or in the same place as the main car key. That would eliminate the reason for owning an extra car key, after all. 

  • Issues With The Car Lock 

Damaged car locks are common car key problems to check. If you cant unlock your car, that’s the first problem to consider. If you insert your key and it turns but doesn’t unlock, it signals faults in the lock assembly. If you can open the door with your key fob but not with the key, that indicates troubles with your lock cylinder. 

Other reasons for car lock blockages can be dust, harsh weather, or even the consequences of car accidents. How to fix these car key hassles? That’s where auto locksmiths come to save your day. 

  1. Worn Keys 

One of the most typical car key problems is old age or worn keys. Your car keys have a useful life- like any other asset you own or use. Rough or careless use of the car keys can also damage them. If car keys break or bend, then they won’t work. 

It’s why you should keep your keys away from the reach of children. Playing with them may cause the edges to wear off as well. As a result of these wears and chippings, your car keys wouldn’t fit and cooperate to start your car. 

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