A car can be an expensive investment, but did you know that replacing your car keys could cost you hundreds of dollars? If you've ever lost your car keys or had them stolen, you know just how disruptive it can be to your life. There are all the hassles of possibly scheduling a mobile locksmith to get new ones cut and re-keyed and the costs of various services involved. 

If you're thinking of having yours replaced, it may help to know what these costs are. Having this information will help you budget appropriately ahead of time and take steps to minimize your expenses. Here's why replacing car keys could cost you so much money. 

The Need for Specialized Locksmiths 

When you lose your car keys, it may seem more convenient to take your car into any old mechanic shop and ask them to cut you a new key. However, these locksmiths don't always have all of the tools they need to get you back on track effectively. They charge extra for quick response times, but you may be surprised by how much that convenience costs. 

Equipment Costs 

One of the main reasons car keys are so expensive is how specialized and costly it can be to get all of your equipment up and running. Most companies who replace car keys require some machinery, and with machinery comes maintenance costs. Both were having and keeping new machines is an integral part of why replacing car keys can cost so much money. 

Parts Costs 

Most replacement key kits are at least two parts: a new remote and a transponder. The price difference is due to several factors, including your car model and whether or not you need a locksmith to program your new keys.  

As a result, the replacement key might be highly costly on its own. And that's before any cutting or programming is done to make it fit your specific car. 

Labor Costs 

Think about how labor-intensive it is for a locksmith to replace your car keys. They charge as much as they do to pay their employees, cover gas expenses, and more. If a mobile locksmith has to go out of his way to replace your key due to exceptional circumstances, he'll likely charge more because he has extra driving time on his hands. 

Professional Locksmith in Hollywood, Florida 

Convenience comes at a price, especially when it comes to vehicle security. Locking yourself out of your car then calling a mobile locksmith in Hollywood, Florida, for help isn't cheap.  

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