It’s common for us to forget where we placed or dropped our keys at least once or a few times. But if that becomes a day-to-day problem, you’ll be a regular customer of your nearest locksmith in Hollywood, FL. And you know what that means – spending a lot of money replacing your keys. 

 If that’s quite relatable to you, discover seven products to keep track of your keys. 

 7 Products You Need if You Always Lose Your Keys 

 Keys are generally small-sized, meaning they are prone to be lost or misplaced. Whether young or elderly, humans are more likely to forget or misplace their keys and other small items. This can lead to frustrations and costly expenses like looking for a locksmith nearby in Fort Lauderdale. Discover the seven products to help you stop losing your keys. 

 Key Tracker 

Many people get obsessed with using key trackers for a good reason. They are incredibly best at finding anything you’ve misplaced or lost, whether it’s your keys or smartphone. Besides, their small size allows you to attach the tracker to your keys easily. 

 They also boast a good battery life. If you misplace your keys, press the button on your smartphone, and it'll ring loud. You'll hear the sound even if you're 300 feet away. Consider trackers that can give you the real-time GPS location of your lost keys on your phone too. 

 Smart Locks 

 If carrying keys isn’t your thing, a smart lock can be a great convenience for you. Smart locks allow you to lock and unlock your doors with your smartphone instead of keys. They are also easy to use, saving you time, money, and effort. Contact the nearest locksmith in Hollywood, FL to help you with the installation. 

 Key Chain 

 A keychain offers you an easy way to carry your keys without losing them. That’s especially if it has add-on features like a giant ball pom. Most of them are beautiful, comfortable, affordable, and well-made to suit different needs. You can hang it on your neck, around your wrist, or attach it to your belt. 

 Spare Keys Container 

 A secure key container can help conveniently keep your spare keys. Make sure it is very durable and has a magnet so it can easily stick to any metal surface. 

 You can place it underneath the grill or any place of your choice. So, in case you misplace your keys, you grab a spare key from the magnetic key container and unlock the door. 

 Colorful Key Caps 

 Keys can sometimes blend perfectly into anything, and searching for them can be hectic. But if you attach colorful covers to all of your keys, it’ll be easier to find them. Most of them are elastic to fit on even large-sized keys and are durable. 


 Keyrings are durable, discrete, and waterproof. You can attach your keys to them, making them easier to carry around. They are also visible, meaning you can always spot them from afar whenever you misplace your keys. 

 Mini Carabiner 

 A tiny mini carabiner can be a real game-changer for those who always lose their keys. This product allows you to keep your keys and keycards together securely. You'll be sure that your keys are safe. 

 Losing your keys is easy. But with any product on our list, you’ll never have problems finding your lost keys. However, if you can't find your keys, contact a locksmith near me in Fort Lauderdale, to get help even during emergencies. 

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